Zombie highway from TWD and Zombieland

Zombie Highway, Georgia

Had it ever occurred to you that the highway scene from Walking dead and Zombieland looks similar?. Cuz they are same!

Highway 20 in Hampton, Georgia,

Its where sophia gets lost

Bill Murray's house in movie Zombieland

Legit shooting locations. Jim's House

I cant believe they cancelled legit. Such a good show.

It's the Jim, Billy and Steve lived in the show legit. The house looks different in real life. House was painted blue and given fake address for the show, indoor scenes was also shot in this house. Backyard scenes seemed to be shot somewhere else.

Childhood memory ruined! Malcolm's house torn down

Malcolm's house torn down

Malcolm in the middle cast

Hm... whats that modern looking house got to do with MITM? I haven't seen it in the series.You are seeing the new house built in the place. Was it a good choice?. The house was the most memorable place throughout the series, other than the mostly indoor scenes. Every fans had wished to drive by the house. Well its no  longer possible!. What do you think? Was tearing down the house a good choice?

It was a sad news for Malcolm in the middle fans. A couple of years ago Frankie Muniz tweeted
I drove by the "Malcolm In the Middle" house today in LA... and IT'S GONE!!! They tore it down and built a new house. Sad day.

Google used crappy cameras for street view in 2007.

The house before it was torn down. This map was taken in 2007, just 1 year after the shows finale. So much fun memories ruined!

Groundhogday Puddle scene location after 20 years.

Groundhog Day Shooting Location After 20 Years

Released in 1993, Groundhog Day has got a couple of places we wish to visit. Most of the film was shot in Woodstock, Illinois. Gobbler's Knob is actually located 3 mile east of Puxantauny but in the film it is in the town. Lets start with the Gobbler's Knob, Which is the reason Phil Connors in the town.

Gobbler's Knob

Punxsutawney Phil's temporary home, On February 2 of every year Groundhog Day is celebrated, in which a legendary Groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil emerges from this trunk and predicts the weather. Phil's predictions has been 39% correct.

Ned's Corner

Phil runs into his old friend Ned who sells insurance, everyday. It's also the place where the old man begs. The "puddle" scene occurs in front of the Tip Top Cafe.

Tip Top Cafe

The Tip Top Cafe was a set created for the film. Following the film's success, It was opened for real as Tip Top Bistro. But just before the movie's 20th anniversary, the cafe was closed. It's now a fried chicken shop.

Tip Top Cafe in 2012

The Pennsylvanian Hotel

It's one of the places where Phil commits suicide. It's not a hotel at all. Its an Opera House.

B&B in Punxsutawney

The Hotel which Phil stays in. It's featured in the last scene in which Phil walks into the snow with Rita after his time loop breaks.

TARDIS Virtual Tour. Doctor Who easter egg. Earls court subway station

Google Map TARDIS Easter Egg

There is a Police In The Box situated outside Earl's Court Subway Station  . You can actually enter the TARDIS in street view. Inside its the actual TARDIS that is used for shooting Doctor Who!

This was added to Google Maps as a part of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary.

Sherlocked places! Visit sherlock shooting locations in london

Sherlock Location Tour

Please wait some moment for the map to load street view

22 1B Baker Street


It's actually 2 N Gower St. Because original 22 1B Baker Street is crowded. And there is a Sherlock Holmes museum instead . On the right of Sherlock's apartment you can see SPEEDY'S SANDWICH BAR & CAFE. In the pilot episode it was named as Mrs Hudson's Snax. On later episodes it was shown in its original name. In one episode it's interior was used for shooting.



This is the actual 22 1B Baker Street. There is a Museum dedicated to Sherlock Holmes in that place.



Lucky Cat Shop


Did you spot it? It's the Glamour & Glitz.

To get lost! Revisiting memorable shooting locations from lost in Hawaii

Lost Location Tour Part 2

House That Hurley Brought For His Mother

Hurley brought a new house after winning a lottery ticket using the "numbers" which he think is cursed. Not long after moving in the house caught  fire and Hurley was immediately arrested by the police mistaken as a drug dealer.

Hotel that Locke Brought Money To His Father

Poor Locke!

Seoul Gateway Hotel in Korea

Jin worked for a small duration in this hotel.

It was actually shot in Hawaii.

Walkabout Tour Company In Australia

The guide refused Locke's admittance due to his condition which he didn't mention.

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do!

The Barracks of Dharma Members And Subsequently The Others

Its actually a YMCA camp.

We don't need a screenshot for that. Do we?

Building from which Locke fell

The building from which Lock fell after he had a fight with a Son of a Bitch named Antony Cooper

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Get lost again! Lost locations in Hawaii.

                      Lost Location Tour

Its been almost ten years since Lost started. Lots of fans are planning to visit shooting locations. Cant go to Hawaii? Well take this virtual tour of Lost Shooting locations using Google Maps

Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack

Hurley was an employee in this restaurant. Later he brought this restaurant with his lottery winnings which gets hit by a meteorite killing a News Reporter and a Cameraman.

From episode: Tricia Tanaka is Dead.(Season 3 Episode 10)

Nose Section of  Oceanic Flight 815

The nose section was seen on 19 Kamehameha Hwy until 2009. Its missing on photos taken after 2011.

Mr Eko's Nigerian Village

It's actually Kealohanui St in Hawaii.

Stadium in which Jack met Desmond for the first time

Home that Locke inspected for Nadia

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