Childhood memory ruined! Malcolm's house torn down

Malcolm's house torn down

Malcolm in the middle cast

Hm... whats that modern looking house got to do with MITM? I haven't seen it in the series.You are seeing the new house built in the place. Was it a good choice?. The house was the most memorable place throughout the series, other than the mostly indoor scenes. Every fans had wished to drive by the house. Well its no  longer possible!. What do you think? Was tearing down the house a good choice?

It was a sad news for Malcolm in the middle fans. A couple of years ago Frankie Muniz tweeted
I drove by the "Malcolm In the Middle" house today in LA... and IT'S GONE!!! They tore it down and built a new house. Sad day.

Google used crappy cameras for street view in 2007.

The house before it was torn down. This map was taken in 2007, just 1 year after the shows finale. So much fun memories ruined!