To get lost! Revisiting memorable shooting locations from lost in Hawaii

Lost Location Tour Part 2

House That Hurley Brought For His Mother

Hurley brought a new house after winning a lottery ticket using the "numbers" which he think is cursed. Not long after moving in the house caught  fire and Hurley was immediately arrested by the police mistaken as a drug dealer.

Hotel that Locke Brought Money To His Father

Poor Locke!

Seoul Gateway Hotel in Korea

Jin worked for a small duration in this hotel.

It was actually shot in Hawaii.

Walkabout Tour Company In Australia

The guide refused Locke's admittance due to his condition which he didn't mention.

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do!

The Barracks of Dharma Members And Subsequently The Others

Its actually a YMCA camp.

We don't need a screenshot for that. Do we?

Building from which Locke fell

The building from which Lock fell after he had a fight with a Son of a Bitch named Antony Cooper

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